International Tax Planning

Pre-Move Tax Planning

Planning for the new tax and financial landscape you will encounter after a foreign move is crucial.

For American expats, because the United States taxes its citizens and residents on their worldwide income, failing to account for the impact of U.S. tax rules on new foreign income sources can create challenges. Prior to your move abroad, our attorneys will help you investigate the common pension and investment options that will become available in your new country of residence so that you can approach your financial decision-making with confidence. While you cannot escape U.S. taxes, we can help you determine your eligibility for U.S. tax benefits and develop strategies to eliminate any avoidable tax exposure in the U.S. and globally.

For foreign nationals moving to the United States, much can be done in advance of acquiring U.S. residency status.   After becoming resident, accounting for the impact of U.S. tax rules on foreign pensions, businesses, or other income sources you receive overseas will be important. It will often make sense to restructure foreign assets and other holdings prior to obtaining residency status to minimize the inevitable U.S. tax exposure.

While reporting requirements and often punitive U.S. tax rules can arise, careful planning in advance of a move to a new country can go a long way to ease the burden. Where planning opportunities arise, we will work with you to design and execute effective tax strategies that will provide the maximum benefit.

Tax Planning for American Expats

For American expats, neglecting to account for U.S. tax implications can severely undermine financial planning goals and retirement savings strategies. Our team will work with you or your financial advisor to ensure that your plan accounts for the nuances presented by your international lifestyle.

We can help you determine whether the onerous annual U.S. informational reporting requirements can be simplified and if your exposure to PFIC and related charges can be reduced or avoided. While U.S. tax implications undoubtedly create a more complex and broader retirement planning landscape for American expats, many of the more severe challenges can be appropriately planned against. Retirement and other tax-preferred savings arrangements Americans will encounter overseas can still play a crucial role in building wealth and planning for the future. Managing U.S. tax exposure will remain a critical component of any strategy you develop.

Our team has worked with Americans all over the world and brings considerable knowledge of the retirement and other savings options that will become available to you after moving abroad. We would value the opportunity to work with you.