Depending on the unique needs of our clients, we offer flat rate, hourly, or blended fee structures. Flat fee engagements are generally available for drafting estate planning and related documents, preparation of U.S. visa applications, submitting late international tax filing packages, or organizing new U.S. businesses.

Conversely, hourly rates are necessary for IRS audit representation, complex estate planning, and international business and tax planning engagements. Under hourly engagements, reduced rates are charged for certain research, administrative, and compliance functions.

Fees are always tailored to the specific engagement and, ultimately, transparency is our goal. Your attorney will present a flat rate proposal or a range of anticipated hourly fees at the outset of any engagement.

Attorney Consultations

A fee of $250 USD is charged for the initial consultation with your attorney. This consultation is scheduled for forty-five minutes and structured to allow you to ask questions and for the attorney to develop an understanding of your specific situation. Following the consultation, your attorney will follow-up to summarize the discussion and provide a detailed overview of proposed legal services. The fee is nonrefundable but will be applied against the retainer payment if a legal service engagement is ultimately established.

Retainer Payment

A retainer payment equal to 50% of the flat fee engagement and 25% of the anticipated hourly engagement is required before services are rendered.

We offer an array of payment options and accept most all international credit cards through our partners.