SSA Assistance

Receiving U.S. Social Security Benefits Overseas

American citizens and most foreign nationals who have worked in the United States for sufficient time to qualify for social security benefits will still be able to receive these payments after retiring overseas. Nevertheless, complications can arise. If you have encountered difficulty receiving your benefits while living outside the United States our attorneys can assist.

Social Security Benefits Planning

If you have worked in both the United States and a foreign country, you will potentially be eligible for social security benefits in both countries. U.S. rules are straightforward and even if you have only worked in the United States for a limited period of time, there is still a possibility that benefits could be available. However, individuals qualifying for benefits in a foreign country could have their calculated U.S. payments reduced under “Windfall Elimination” rules. If you have been working both in the United States and abroad, our attorneys can help you determine your eligibility

Totalization Agreements

The United States has executed social security treaties with 26 countries called Totalization Agreements. These agreements determine where you should be paying social security taxes when you are national in one country and working in another. We can help you request Certificates of Coverage to support your exemption from such taxes under these agreements.

In addition to designating where an individual should be contributing, Totalization Agreements also assist in situations where social security contributions in one country are needed to qualify for benefits in the other. If you are in a situation where a Totalization Agreement will determine where you should be paying social security taxes or whether you will qualify for benefits, our attorneys can help.