Virtual Legal Services

Technology has enabled a new era of legal service delivery allowing for underserved communities or clients with unique needs to easily access specialized law firms that can assist them. Thanks to these technologies, no matter where you may be living, travelling to visit your attorney or other professional service provider is seldom necessary.

Virtual legal service providers can deliver the same legal solutions provided by large, full-service law firms, but actively employ practice management technologies and modern client communication tools to create a unique experience for remote clients. Secure data portals and email communications, videoconference technology, electronic signatures, and programs allowing for automation of tedious aspects of the process are the backbone of the virtual law firm.

Virtual legal services are typically delivered in an “unbundled” capacity, meaning that instead of an ongoing attorney-client relationship, the services of a virtual law firm can be tailored to address the specific issues confronted by their clients.  The combination of unbundling, process efficiencies, and reduced overhead expense translates to direct savings for the client.